Powkiddy brand was founded on April 7, 2018. It has been three years since it was founded today. After three years of operation, powkiddy has become a leading brand in the game industry, which has been deeply recognized and supported by the majority of gamers. Powkiddy is committed to product research and development to meet market demand. At present, there are more than 50 independent research and development products, including X18, X15, X19, A19, A21, A12, A13, X2, RGB10, RGB20, RGB10 Pro, Q90, V90, Q20 MIMI, RGB10 MAX、X17, etc. The latest X18S will be listed soon. Please look forward!

If you need more information about POWKIDDY, please contact our Email:business@powkiddy.com
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Thank you for your support to powkiddy. The X18S has been basically optimized due to the change of project leader. There are still some details that need to be optimized. It is planned to go public at the end of August. powkiddy says sorry to the players!


When is the pow kiddy x18s coming out or will be announced? It was originally supposed to be released in march, then delayed to April and the poster was removed since may until now, no news or coverage about it and now we are hearing that it will be listed soon. This is really unacceptable and the excuses are just sad and I want to buy some for relatives. How about some real news and what is really happening.


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