China Spring Festival holiday notice

Dear customers and friends, thank you for your strong support to powkiddy. The annual Spring Festival in China is coming. All products purchased after January 10th need to be shipped on January 30th. During this period, our website can sell products normally, but we need to start sending packages on January 30th. Thank you for your patience. Thank you.

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Update:I just received my shipping info can’t wait for my rgb20s thanks again.

Terrance Ivy

Dear Powkiddy, when my package will be shipped? I ordered a x39 on jan 24!


Likewise I ordered my rbg20s on the 18 and just wanted to know how long would it take for you guys to get back shipping

Terrance Ivy

I ordered a v90 on the 14th of January. Can I expect that it’s going to be shipped today on the 30th??


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