POWKIDDY RGB10MAX3 is on pre-sale at a high discount

POWKIDDY RGB10MAX3 is on pre-sale at a high discount

POWKIDDY’s latest product RGB10MAX3 in 2024 will be launched soon. RGB10MAX series products occupy a dominant position in the minds of players. Its ergonomic design, powerful functions and smooth gaming experience, as well as the most cost-effective products in its category, are deeply loved by players. Like it, 1,000 units will be pre-sold from now on (500 units in transparent blue, 500 units in yellow, other colors will be launched one after another, so stay tuned) Pre-sale time: January 24, 2024 - February 24, 2024, specific delivery The time is subject to the official release time of powkiddy, and we will try our best to send it to you as soon as possible. thank you for your support. During this time, we would like to offer a $20 per unit discount on pre-orders of this product. Please note: This offer is only valid from January 24th to February 24th. If you want to buy it, please buy it quickly, thank you!

RGB10MAX3 pre-sale discount code: MAX3GOOD

Technical parameters:
 Supports a variety of open source linux
Game:Compatible with various emulators such as                   MAME/N64/PS/CP3/NEOGEO/GBA/NES/SFC/MD/NDS
Screen:5.0-inch IPS screen, fully OCA laminated, resolution 1280*720
CPU:ARM quad-core 1.8GHz high-performance open source chip
External storage:TF1-OS(16GB-256GB)  TF2-GAME(16GB-256GB)
WIFI:Built-in WIFI 2.4+Bluetooth
Sound: Built-in cavity speaker 1W*2
Battery:4000 mAh lithium-ion battery
Input power: 5V-2A
Maximum power consumption:5W
Battery life: 2 hours of charging, 8 hours of battery life
Interface: fast charging TYPE-C, OTG-USB, 3.5MM headset
Size: 189.5*76.5*18MM (body) handle up to 33MM
Unique features:
1.Handle shape
2. Adopt standard HD1280*720 display
3. Dual TF card independent system and game storage design, no need to copy games when upgrading the system
4. Using high-performance quad-core CPU, perfect FPS running at 60HZ
5. Supports open source systems, can be upgraded at will, and is compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulators
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