POWKIDDY X28 original firmware

POWKIDDY X28 original firmware

The original firmware of the POWKIDDY X28 has been uploaded to the web disk and you can download and install it if you need to. Note: it updates in the same way as the X18S, and you will need to press the volume "-" button to connect it to your computer.

Download link:POWKIDDY X28
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Good morning
The download link for the latest firmware for the X28 does not work.
Can I receive it by email or a download link other than OneDrive?

Likewise, you should follow the installation tutorial and download this firmware with the appropriate tool.
Thanks for your help.


Please can you give me a link to a firmware download for Powkkddy X 55 as my card has become damaged. The jelos distribution site has removed all the releases from their page and I am stuck with blank device

Mark Lawrence

I belive i needed the firmware to reinstall please

David Woodall

Hi, I’m new to Powkiddy, bought an x70 used but card says corrupted. what can i do?

David Woodall

Why has POWKIDDY X28 original firmware been deleted? no longer exists online!


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