shipping policy

1. Our stocking period is 7 days. If there are no special circumstances, we will ship within 24 or 48 hours. If there is insufficient supply, we will normally ship within 7 days, such as holidays or natural disasters. , Fire and other force majeure factors, we will extend the delivery time accordingly, and notify customers of refunds or delays in delivery.

2. We use Sifang 4PX logistics service. 4PX Logistics has a variety of express logistics channels, which are safe and fast. The normal time limit will arrive within 12-20 days. There may be delays in some remote areas or countries, but each The transportation status of the order will be tracked by dedicated personnel.

3. If you need 4PX express service, we will calculate the shipping cost according to your country or region. You can add the shipping cost to us. The express delivery time is 7-12 days, and there will be a delay in special circumstances. (This website does not send any commercial express delivery, such as: DHL/UPS/FEDEX, etc. At present, commercial express delivery is in the state of liquidation, and the time limit is not guaranteed.)

4. We have set up a free shipping template for most countries. We will calculate the accurate order shipping fee according to your geographic location. Free shipping or supplementary shipping costs, you will see at the checkout.

5. After your order arrives in your country, it may be affected by tariffs, resulting in an additional cost. The seller will not bear the corresponding cost, and all costs will be borne by the buyer.

6. EU member states need to pay VAT, and the website has set the VAT index required by the corresponding country, you will see it during settlement.

7. Most of the EU countries’ parcels are sent to 4PX logistics channels, and the shipping receipt will have an input box to fill in the IOSS code. The logistics arrives at the destination customs directly, and some countries are affected by the logistics channel. The shipping receipt cannot fill in the IOSS number. , So your parcel may get stuck in the customs. The customs requires you to provide the IOSS code for customs clearance. At this time, you can contact the website customer service to obtain the IOSS code, or contact:

8. Our packages will be packed with bubble fillers. If the package you receive is damaged or defective, please send us a feedback email as soon as possible.

9. 4PX logistics query website:

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