Warning: Dear Consumers

Dear friends, thank you for your love for products. Recently, our product RGB20S is very popular in Tik Tok, which leads to many friends being cheated. powkiddy solemnly declares here that there are only two official websites of powkiddy (powkiddy.com and powkiddy.aliexpress.com). Except these two websites, other websites are all fake websites named after powkiddy trademark. Please identify them carefully to avoid being cheated!

We ship from China, and the normal arrival time is 10-15 days (except holidays). Please feel free to buy, thank you again for your support!

                                                                           powkiddy.com  Mr.hu


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It’s been 22 days since I’ve placed my order still no sign of it arriving or no tracking update in days

Jennifer Proctor

I bought two RGB20S from your official store on the 21NOV22, they got here to New Zealand on the 2DEC22 – GREAT little game machines! The screens are such high quality, and I’m simply amazed! Thank you!!!


Yeah I got Got really bad off tick tok. So sad I really want one but cannot afford anymore due to getting scammed from best deal exchange,fuckers.

Louis M Marrugo

Powkiddy x18s is the best

Pow kid

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