X18S black version has been on sale.

X18S black version has been on sale.

X18S black version has been on sale.Please don't forget to use the discount code: powkiddylove

X18s black version is optimized as follows:
1、Added the pressing function of the joystick (L3+R3)
2、The pressing feel of L1 R1 button is optimized.
3、The feel of DPAD and function keys has also been optimized.
4、The logo label of English powkiddy is cancelled, and the graphic logo label is used.
5、Color matching, elegant atmosphere.

Note: Due to the structural limitation of X18S mold, so far, X18S bugs have been optimized to the maximum extent. The touch of the button is much better than before, but it can't be perfect. Please note that if you buy this product, please accept its shortcomings. We will continue to do a good job in service and product development. Thank you for your support to powkiddy.

The first batch of 200 units will be  sold in powkiddy.com. It will start to send parcels on October 18th, and AliExpress's temporary sales time is October 18th due to the platform's restriction on the delivery time of parcels.

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