618 Summer Shopping Festival

618 Summer Shopping Festival

618 Summer Shopping Festival

In the warm atmosphere of midsummer, powkiddy.com presents you the annual 618 Summer Shopping Festival! This time we have carefully planned a series of discount activities, so that you can enjoy the fun of shopping while also feeling the real discount.

Activity theme: 618 Summer Shopping Festival

This theme is the exclusive logo of this event, representing our sincerity and gratitude to you. According to your shopping amount, the system will automatically deduct the eligible discount amount when checking out.

For a total purchase of 30 US dollars, you can get an instant discount of 5 US dollars;
For a purchase amount of 50 US dollars, the instant discount amount is increased to 10 US dollars;
When your shopping cart amount reaches 80 US dollars, you will enjoy an instant discount of 15 US dollars;
If your shopping amount exceeds 100 US dollars, you will get an instant discount of 20 US dollars;
What's more surprising is that when your shopping amount reaches or exceeds 150 US dollars, you will enjoy an instant discount of up to 30 US dollars!

Such a discount is undoubtedly the best feedback for you. We hope that through such activities, your shopping experience at powkiddy.com will be more pleasant and more affordable.

Quality assurance, worry-free shopping

powkiddy.com has always insisted on providing consumers with high-quality products and excellent services. We strictly control the quality of goods to ensure that every product can meet your expectations. At the same time, we also provide perfect after-sales service, so that you can shop without worries and enjoy shopping fun.

Event deadline: June 30

Please seize the time and enjoy this shopping feast before June 30! Don't miss this rare opportunity, let powkiddy.com's 618 Summer Shopping Carnival add a surprise and joy to your summer!
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