Travel through time and space, back to the age of innocence - POWKIDDY V10

Travel through time and space, back to the age of innocence - POWKIDDY V10

Travel through time and space, back to the age of innocence - POWKIDDY V10


Traveling through time and space, back to the innocent age, POWKIDDY V10 allows us to relive the joy and dreams of childhood. It is not just a game console, but also a precious memory and emotional bond.

POWKIDDY V10 is a retro-style handheld game console designed for game enthusiasts. With its compact body, powerful performance and rich game compatibility, this game console has become an ideal choice for players who pursue both portability and performance. It supports a variety of open source Linux systems, and can play by changing the card. It can perfectly run multiple emulators such as MAME, N64, PS, CP3, NEOGEO, GBA, NES, SFC, MD, NDS, etc., providing players with a large number of classic game choices.

Hardware Configuration:

The handheld has a built-in quad-core Cortex-A35 1.5GHz CPU and Mail-G31 GPU, with 1GB DDR3L RAM, which ensures smooth operation of the system and fast loading of games. At the same time, it supports TF card expansion with a maximum capacity of 256GB, allowing players to store more games and data.

Display and picture quality:

V10 is equipped with a 3.5-inch IPS OCA fully laminated display with a resolution of 480*320, which brings players a clear and delicate visual experience. In particular, the display effect of GBA games (original pixels 240*160) has reached double point-to-point full frame operation, allowing players to relive the charm of classic games.

Appearance and size:

V10 has a small and exquisite appearance, full of nostalgia. The body size is 103.2*94*22.5MM, which is easy to carry. Suitable for players of all hand sizes. Whether as a collection or a gaming device, V10 is a rare choice.

Sound and battery life:

The V10 uses a built-in cavity speaker design with loud sound, bringing players an immersive gaming experience. The built-in 3000mAh lithium battery supports up to 8 hours of battery life, allowing players to enjoy the fun of the game for a long time. At the same time, it supports TYPE-C fast charging and can be fully charged in just 2 hours.

Interface and function:

The V10 game console is equipped with a TYPE-C fast charging interface, OTG-USB interface and standard 3.5MM headphone interface, supports WIFI connection (external module required), and provides rich scalability and connectivity. In addition, the V10 also supports a variety of open source system upgrades and is compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulators, bringing players a richer selection of games.

Unique design:

Ergonomic LR trigger design: The ergonomic LR trigger design makes you more comfortable in the game.
Reasonable button layout and comfortable feel: Enhance the game experience of players and enjoy easier, more comfortable and precise control in the game.
Perfect 60HZ operation of FPS: The high-performance quad-core CPU ensures that FPS games can run perfectly at 60HZ, allowing you to always take the lead in fierce battles.

POWKIDDY V10 allows you to relive the classics in your hand and experience the infinite charm of technology and games.
It will be sold at an affordable price soon, so stay tuned.

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neat one
i wish it is exactly original GBA’s 3 inch instead


I love your devices but please … please … please … :D Take your time and drop a LEGEND!
Something like RG556 and Retroid Pocket 4 or 4 Pro for an affordable price and it will be sold like hot potatoes! We love POWKITTY but take your time … <3


Eu quero muito. Tem um hardware legal e é possível trocar o sistema operacional. Amei, da para aprender muito usando ele ^^


“We are about to release this highly anticipated product, and one thing is for sure: its price and quality are extremely competitive, allowing you to easily own your dream gaming console at a great value.”

mr hu

Please $30 USD or less. So cute.

extremely important person

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