Warning: Dear Consumers

Dear friends, thank you for your love for products. Recently, our product RGB20S is very popular in Tik Tok, which leads to many friends being cheated. powkiddy solemnly declares here that there are only two official websites of powkiddy (powkiddy.com and powkiddy.aliexpress.com). Except these two websites, other websites are all fake websites named after powkiddy trademark. Please identify them carefully to avoid being cheated!

We ship from China, and the normal arrival time is 10-15 days (except holidays). Please feel free to buy, thank you again for your support!

                                                                           powkiddy.com  Mr.hu


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Scam! Two devices – 150$ spent. No response to emails or return requests since both devices didn’t work. Now making it a mission to post everywhere I can – do not buy!!!!

J garcia

I got scammed for $180 I bought mine on powkiddy.us . I never got it I have been waiting and I realize that I won’t ever get it


This site scams you too, don’t buy any powkiddy ever


I saw this warning after buying on powkiddy.shop… got scammed for 200$. The website doesn’t exist anymore but beware people

Lauriane Genest

Powkiddy.shop scammed me


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