X18S black firmware

X18S black firmware

X18S black firmware has been uploaded to Google Cloud Disk. Please download it if necessary. Here, consumers are warned: brushing the machine is risky, so please be careful. In addition, if there is no system problem with your console, please don't betools. If there is a problem that you can't access the system, you can try betools. There is also a black version of firmware and a white one that is not universal. Please note the difference.


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meu x18s black esta dando tela preta, creio ser o cabo flat, gostaria de comprar um novo… como faço ? e por onde compro?? podem me mandar um link de compra ??

Eivyny Oliveira Silva

Hi Marcus

Thanks for the guidance for installing X18s Firmware just wanted to ask does it includes Google Play Store also. and what if I flash xml 1 version?

Rahul Jadhav

Como faço para desbloquear o bootloader do meu x18s?

Sync bonito

I can confirm the firmware above fixes the L3/R3 bug as gpio_keys. Didnt test HDMI out and it’s still android 11.

Flashing erases all your data, make sure to backup everything you need.

Just make sure to install all 3 drivers and reboot, only after open betools, use offline, add the key file downloaded in the tools folder.

Click on “…” select the XML from the firmware, I used the 0 version of the file. ( Idon’t know the difference between 0 and 1 versions of the XML)

Click the Download button.

Power off X18s console and hold Vol – and connect the USB.

It should begin the to flash.

When it finishes it will reboot the console.


I hope I could be of any help.


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