X18S black firmware

X18S black firmware

X18S black firmware has been uploaded to Google Cloud Disk. Please download it if necessary. Here, consumers are warned: brushing the machine is risky, so please be careful. In addition, if there is no system problem with your console, please don't betools. If there is a problem that you can't access the system, you can try betools. There is also a black version of firmware and a white one that is not universal. Please note the difference.


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How many games if any does this console come with

Mark Beckman

I bought it in November and the physical key didn’t work, so I contacted the Ali Express official seller. They didn’t tell me about product exchange, but they told me to try it because the firmware will be updated soon. But when is the firmware updated? I can’t use the product for a month after buying it. But I’m more surprised that I’m not the only one with this problem. Even so, I think you guys who haven’t been able to guide me on how to solve it are more amazing. I wonder when I will be able to solve it and use the product normally. It’s not a $1 or $2 product, it’s $170… A $170 product has been sitting around for a month.


Please fix the problem with the controller of being recognized by some games – like Alien Isolation and GRID Autosport.


Totally agree with Thales, especially regarding the external controllers bug which is very annoying so please update to android 12, also the PINK notification shade is making me insane, when i had white x18s it drove me nuts now the same with black x18s.


Good handheld but things to be fixed URGENTLY to consider:
- Update Android 11 to Android 12 (Android 11 can’t handle external controllers due to a bug, so I can connect my Dualshock 4 but the controls are not responding, this happens with others controllers as well.)
- HDMI Output (Screens go black and sound goes out of the console, instead of going black the screen should be turned off and the sound should NOT come out of the console, instead it should come out from TV only.)
- R3/L3 should be identifiable in jlink_joy playgame and not as gpio-keys. (Just like the guy above said)

Guess this should be all at the momment.


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