X18S black firmware

X18S black firmware

X18S black firmware has been uploaded to Google Cloud Disk. Please download it if necessary. Here, consumers are warned: brushing the machine is risky, so please be careful. In addition, if there is no system problem with your console, please don't betools. If there is a problem that you can't access the system, you can try betools. There is also a black version of firmware and a white one that is not universal. Please note the difference.


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How To flash the firmware with betools?

Rahul Jadhav

I’m done with powkiddy, never buying anything from powkiddy again… they just don’t care… will give the console to my uncle and buy and Odin Pro or a future Retroid Pocket 3S. Powkiddy’s consoles has too many problems that they just don’t care to fix.


Olá. Boa tarde. Não consigo atualizar de jeito nenhum o aparelho para usar a plataforma store. Coloco a atualização no sd, sigo os passos e o sistema diz que houve falha em instalar a atualização. Por favor me ajudem?

Leandro pacheco iwata

Hello. I agree with the comments below. I can’t play a lot of games from the steam link because I can’t use L3/R3 buttons. Where is the firmware to fix that?


It comes with two Android games only. For real, if you are looking for good handheld just go with Anbernic RG505 (no HDMI output though) or Retroid Pocket 3+ those ones are way better options then X18s…. It seems that powkiddy are not interest to fix their console bug… already mentioned below….


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