x28 latest firmware June 11

We upgraded the X28 firmware on June 11th. The content of this upgrade includes: repairing L2 R2 to run normally on Minecraft, adding Dolphin, Daijishō, deleting PlusSnes9, updating AetherSX2, and configuring the emulator.

If you need, you can download the firmware to upgrade your X28. Note that before the upgrade, please try to understand how to operate the steps to avoid the console from being unable to start during the upgrade process.

X28 Firmware June 11
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Any chance you could fix the link to the firmware?


Hello . I ve Powkiddy x28 and would like to update to 11 jun Firmware update, however the link in Powkiddy site are broke. Cound ui send me a new link with the last firmware?

Gilberto Lima

Please update the link. No file on onedrive download link.


One Drive link won’t work. No firmware available.


I can’t even connect the OTG cable after turning off the power as described and pressing the – button. And it doesn’t work with the SD card either… An explanation occurs that there is no update content in the SD card.

Should I insert the rar compressed file or unzip it and then insert it? Looking at other product descriptions, I put the zip into the SD card, but it didn’t work. It doesn’t work even after unzipping.


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