x28 latest firmware June 11

We upgraded the X28 firmware on June 11th. The content of this upgrade includes: repairing L2 R2 to run normally on Minecraft, adding Dolphin, Daijishō, deleting PlusSnes9, updating AetherSX2, and configuring the emulator.

If you need, you can download the firmware to upgrade your X28. Note that before the upgrade, please try to understand how to operate the steps to avoid the console from being unable to start during the upgrade process.

X28 Firmware June 11
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Is the problem with the joystick being too sensitive and sticking mainly to 8 directions only fixed?
And how about the 55Hz issue people highlight here?


There is a serious problem with this version.
The refresh rate of the screen drops to 55hz.
This has a very bad effect on the running of various emulators.

For example with PPSSPP,
As the framerate of the game is locked to 55, the game also slows down. The music also becomes unstable.

For this reason, it is currently not possible to fully run the game on x28.
I hope for a quick patch so that the refresh rate of the screen can be fixed at 60hz.

For reference, this is the test site address to easily find out the refresh rate of the screen.


take care.


Is there any performance improvement with this firmware update? If the only changes are only third party software, it’s easy to DIY without updating firmware


What version os AetherSX2 did you guys updated it to? Is it the “sabotaged” version?


por favor me mandem um tutorial pra instalar essa atualização , baixei os arquivos mais ainda não sei como funciona


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