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POWKIDDY NEW Q36 Mini 1.5 Inch Ips Screen Open Source Handheld Game players Keychain Mini Console Children's Gifts

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System:Open source linux ,open dingux
Support:Compatible with PS/GBA/GB/GBC/MS/NES/SFC/GG/NGP/WSC simulator
Screen:1.54 inch IPS full viewing angle OCA glue full bonding
CPU:Quanzhi V3S/ARM Corte-A7 1.2GHz
TF card:32GB  Maximum support for 256GB expansion
Built-in loudspeaker: 1W
Built-in lithium battery:1000mAh
Output power:5V 1A
Maximum power consumption:1W/H
Continuous use time:5 hours
Charging time:1 hours

Functional features:

1. Ultra-compact appearance, nostalgic shape, portable artifact
2. Run PS and other games smoothly
3. Large cavity speaker
4. Support a variety of open source systems, any upgrade, compatible with mainstream simulators