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POWKIDDY Trimui Official Smart Handheld Players 2.4Inch IPS LCD Wifi Retro Video Game Console Open Source Portable Mini Console

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Type: Trimui Smart
system: Linux
CPU:ARM processor, 1.5GHz
memory: LPDDR3 128MB
Screen: 2.4 inch, 240x320IPS LCD
speaker: 0.5W
Internal storage: 8GB
internal storage: MicroSD card
Network: Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
USB peripherals: USB Type-C OTG
Bluetooth peripherals: Bluetooth 4.0 (speakers/headphones/game controllers))
Battery: built-in lithium battery, 1000mAh
charging: USB type-C5V/1A
Play time: 3.5 hours
Color: White/Yellow/Purple/Green
 Size: 110x58x15mm
Weight: 100g

OTA: remote upgrade system
Certification standard: FCC/RoHS/CE
Fast Boot: Fast Boot
Bluetooth headset: Bluetooth headset supporting TWS, including Apple headset.
Open system: the system is open and supports ADB/ADB over Wi-Fi. 
built-in games: CDOG-SDL/OpenTyrian/Cave Story.
Game battle: local Wi-Fi LAN battle,
Wi-Fi hotspot mode battle screenshot: archive your own screenshot.
Instant archiving: All simulators support instant archiving, with 9 archive locations for each game.
Game management: favorite games, recent games, and game covers.
Application installation: program installation package supporting official website download or third-party developers
TRIMUI application market: online download
TRIMUI featured application shell: colorful ABS shell
Keys: ALPS professional touch switch+rubber
main interface: TRIMUI characteristic main interface