x28 latest firmware June 11

We upgraded the X28 firmware on June 11th. The content of this upgrade includes: repairing L2 R2 to run normally on Minecraft, adding Dolphin, Daijishō, deleting PlusSnes9, updating AetherSX2, and configuring the emulator.

If you need, you can download the firmware to upgrade your X28. Note that before the upgrade, please try to understand how to operate the steps to avoid the console from being unable to start during the upgrade process.

X28 Firmware June 11
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Hello, where is the support for the update?


Powkiddy sells rubbish of terrible quality, has terrible after-sales support and is not even capable of fix the link to download the firmware, they only think about selling their rubbish and if you having problems you can be solve by themselves as there is no support here.


Where is the powkiddy x28 firmware?

Fabio Da Silva Cunha



Any chance you could fix the link to the firmware?


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